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“Put Your Foot Down And Race” LTO White T-Shirt$19.99

Shut Your Frickin’ Pie Hole.. T-Shirt

Don’t Be Scared… The Wall Is Your Friend

LTO Black Beanie w/ Circle Logo

“Put Your Foot Down And Race” Liverpool Speedway Black T-Shirt$19.99

Can You Get Your Nuts Off In 14 Seconds? (RED)

LTO Black Visor

Yellow LTO Koozie


LTO Racing is a unique brand that celebrates “Left Turn Only” style racing (oval track). We promote all genres of LTO and provide top-quality apparel to racing enthusiasts. From Indy cars to karts, midgets, dirt/asphalt race cars & flat track motorcycles…  We support any form of racing that turns left!

Jim Eberle is CEO and Owner of L.T.O. RACING APPAREL.  Jim has utilized his own racing experience as a champion Kart racer and on to asphalt late model racing, along with midget and formula ford/lotus racing. His love for racing and winning has fueled his passion which has inspired the LTO brand.



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